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Matilde Vicenzi Verona Italian Biscuit Assortment

Matilde Vicenzi Verona Italian Biscuit Assortment

SKU: 0015
Matilde Vicenzi Verona Biscuit Assortment 907g

Matilde Vicenzi has created a wide assortment of pastry biscuits for enjoying at home or as the ideal gift with sweetness to share, presented in a decorative tin.

This selection enhances the different flavours and satisfies all tastes. These excellent cookies in exclusive biscuit tin are a tribute to the Italian Pastry tradition with a woman's touch.

This truly stunning collection of Italian favourites includes four kinds of pastries - Puff pastry filled with milk cream (Bocconcini ripieni di crema al latte), Puff pastry filled with chocolate cream (Bocconcini ripieni di crema al cacao), Shortbread decorated pastries (Canestrelli decorati), Cookies with pastry cream filling (Pasticcini ripieni con crema pasticcera).


• Assorted Italian pastries
• Four kinds of pastries to enjoy
• Presented in a decorative tin
• No artificial colours or preservatives
• No hydrogenate fats
• Suitable for vegetarians


Local (Oxford) deliveries only.


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  • Product Info

    Contains milk, whey powder & wheat. May contain taces of nuts.

    Package Dimensions:

    • 16 x 24.5 x 18 cm
    • 1.54kg (total incl. tin)

  • Shipping Info

    In store collection or local deliveries only.

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